The goal of this project is to educate people about online privacy and security, by securing their accounts and removing unnecessary data, and inform about which information is being collected. A secondary goal would be to do this in such a manner that everyone is able to contribute to the project by updating when new information comes, add new services to reach more people.

The project started out as a solo standalone project at the University of Bergen.

How can you help?

You can help out by contributing to the project via GitHub, please check out our contributing guide.

Similar solutions

Today, there are existing solutions to this problem, like PrivacyTools and Prism Break. But these tools are proactive and you need to seek information actively. With this project, you are able to specify what kind of services you already use to learn more about what each of them collect and how you can limit the collection and/or delete your account(s) altogether.


Illustrations credits

All the illustrations are provided by unDraw, please check them out!

Services/platforms branding

All branding on this website belongs to the apporiotate owner of each service, we have no affiliation to them.