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Vipps is a Norwegian mobile payment application. It's used by 75% of the Norwegian population.

Secure your account (self-configuration)

Security settings

Disable biometric login Via app
  1. Go to Profile -> Settings
  2. Tap "Code and Face ID (Touch ID etc.)"
  3. Disable option for biometrics like Face ID, Touch ID or whatever biometric your phone provides.

Privacy settings

Disable ads Via app
  1. Go to Profile -> Settings
  2. Disable both Suggestions and offers from Vipps and Relevant ads through third party.
Hide bank balance Via app
  1. Go to Profile -> Account and cards
  2. Disable Show account balance for all your cards.
Revoke companies access to your information Via app
  1. Go to Profile -> Personal information
  2. Go to Companies with access
  3. Remove those who are relevant
  4. Bonus: You can do the same for browsers
Delete your account Via app
  1. Go to Profile -> Personal information
  2. Scroll down
  3. Tap "Delete your profile" and follow the steps

What they collect [source]

Personal information

This is gathered when you create your account. You need to log in with your Norwegian national ID via BankID and provide a valid phone number that is assosiated with your national ID.

Your usage

Whenever you use the app, to send and receive money and communicate with others. This is to prevent money laundering, financing terrorism and fraud.

Debit and/or credit card

In order to send and receive money you must provide valid banking details assosiated with your card(s).

User behavior

For customer relations (you), statistics, marketing, testing, improvement, security and preventing fraud and other punishable behaviour.

Your location

To give you relevant stores etc. nearby.

Your contacts

To easier look up your contacts (instead of typing their number).

Your photos and camera

To take a profile picture, scan payment info like invoices, save invoices or add pictures to groups. Vipps saves all the photos you upload.

All transactions

In order to make each transaction they store them indefiently and give them to your bank assosiated with the card that was used in the transaction.

Last updated: 2022-06-04